SLS Peer Resistance Skills



On November 30- December 1, FreelandHigh School will be receiving our Peer Resistance Skills Program training.

For information on how to get involved please contact us.


The SLS Peer Resistance Skills Program is a curriculum module lesson in peer pressure and techniques for saying “No” that is taught by high school students to younger 5th grade peers. All Peer Resistance Skills program training is conducted by Student Leadership Services, Inc. Training is coordinated through the SLS office. Since the program was initiated as a SLS Chapter project, the lesson’s focus is saying “No” to alcohol. The lesson is fifty minutes in length; the first portion of the lesson teaches about types of peer pressure and the second half teaches techniques for saying “No.” The information is presented through the use of posters and handouts. The concepts and skills are taught and reinforced through skits and role plays.

 For more information please contact us or visit our Peer Resistance Skills page.


Nov 30 2018 - Dec 01 2018


All Day